Frequently Asked Questions

Injection Moulding FAQ

What materials are you capable of moulding with?
All commodity and engineering materials that are available on the market for example ABS, PA, POM, PSU, PVC, PC, PP, PE, PMMA & ASA.

What is the Minimum order Quantity you are able to mould & supply?
We are able to accommodate small runs to large ongoing jobs – whatever the Customer requires.

Can you design and develop our concept?
We have a project team of Designers & Engineers that are capable of developing your ideas/concepts into a workable model.

Do you recycle your plastics?
Our policy is Zero to landfill, we recycle in house and also outsource.

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Tooling and Design FAQ

Where is the Tooling manufactured?
You have the option of competitive priced tooling locally or in China.

What is the average Project time to see Off Tool Samples?
On average for Off Tool Samples it will be 10 weeks.

Are you capable of providing Proto-Type tooling?
Yes we can design & develop Proto-Type tools, SLA Modelling, Vacuum forming – depending on the complexity of the part and the quantity required.

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Wickham China FAQ

Who owns Wickham China?
Wickham China is 100% Australian owned and Operated by Wickham Braeside.

How can you guarantee good quality product out of China?
Wickham China are TS16949 certified and have adopted the same processes and procedures as our Australian Plant.

How is the Quality System verified?
We are certified with Bureau Veritas Quality International and audited on an Annual basis?

Can you supply locally into China.
Yes we currently supply directly to customers in mainland.

Can you export product out of China.
Yes we have an import export licence allowing NWP to export around the globe

Do the employees speak English?
Yes, we have our Management, Quality & Engineering that speak very good English.

Are you a certified Glass Manufacturer?
Yes we are certified to AS1288 through the Australian Glass & Glaziers Association.

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Privacy Glass FAQ

How much does it cost to run a standard piece of Switchable Glass?
It is 10 times cheaper than running a 40W light globe.

What is the Maximum piece size glass that you can Manufacture?
The Maximum size is 1.3m (W) x 2.8m (L), although if you require a larger area to cover we are capable of joining pieces together.

What is the expected Lead time to receive the glass?
You will looking at approximately 3-6 weeks.

How is it fitted and who by:
It is relatively simple to install, all you require is a Glazier and a Certified Electrician. If required we have approved contractors & qualified installers .

Do you provide delivery?
We can deliver Locally, Nationally, Internationally (delivery prices given upon Quotation.)

Are you a certified Glass Manufacturer?
Yes we are certified to AS1288 through the Australian Glass & Glaziers Association.

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Laminated Glass FAQ

What is the Maximum piece size glass that you can Manufacture?
The Maximum size is 2m (W) x 3.5m (L).

Are there various colours available.?
We can laminate coloured, photographic, Splashbacks, Low E & decorative glass.

What are the benefits of laminated glass?
Laminated glass is Safety glass which minimizes the risk of injuries as the glass fragments remain bonded to the interlayer if broken. This is why many Building codes worldwide require laminated glass for overhead glazing.

Are you a certified Glass Manufacturer?
Yes we are certified to AS1288 through the Australian Glass & Glaziers Association.

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Forklift Safety FAQ

Can the Fork-Alert system cover greater distance than the nominal 10m/33ft?
Yes, the receivers can be "chained" to give greater coverage, i.e. three receivers could be placed down a corridor to give 30m / 98.4ft coverage

Can the Fork-Alert system be adjusted to cover less distance?
Yes, the receiver's sensitivity can be wound down to shorter distances via a potentiometer in the receiver.

Who installs the Fork-Alert system?
Electricians can install the system. Wickham Plastics provides the installation instructions, or Wickham Plastics can arrange the installation if you prefer.

Who installs the Infrared Transmitter that goes on the Forklift?
Electricians can install the units, however if you lease your forklifts you should seek advice from the forklift supplier and possibly get them to install it onto their machines.

Why doesn’t the transmitter flash?
The transmitter sweeps an invisible beam around the forklift. The transmitter is purely for the Fork-Alert system and does not replace the existing flashing light on the forklift.

Is the beacon “safe” for employees to look at?
Yes, the Fork-Alert has been tested by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) to AS2211 and is classified non-hazardous.

What is Zone?
A zone is defined as a detection area that is covered by one or more Receivers activating an individual output circuit.

What are the Receiver timers for?
These allow the Receivers to stay active for a predetermined time (usually a few seconds) after the transmitter signal has not been detected. The potentiometer for these timers is found in the receiver.

If I move premises or change forklifts, is the system moveable?
Yes, the Fork-Alert system can be relocated to new premises and is easily transferred from one forklift or other vehicle to another, provided the transmitter voltage matches the new vehicle. If the Voltages are different a new transmitter will need to be ordered.

Can I use the Fork-Alert system in conjunction with existing In-ground loop detectors?
Yes the system can be easily integrated into your existing door automation system.

Will it only work for vehicles fitted with your transmitter beacon?
Yes, it acts as a low-level security system in that automated doors will not open for a vehicle without a Wickham Plastics transmitter fitted.

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