Forklift Safety

Safety First. Dont let your employees be the next Forklift workplace victim.

Wickham Fork-Alert offers a unique Fork Alert System that enables businesses in varying industries to maintain the highest level of warehouse safety. This vehicle proximity detection system puts forklift safety first; using infrared Sweepscan technology to alert operators of objects in their path.

Our unique forklift safety system provides many benefits in comparison with alternative vehicle sensor technologies and includes the following features:

  • Wide 10 metre / 32’10" radius detection zone (early triggering)
  • 360 omni directional triggering (detection from any angle)
  • Specific triggering range (accurate and consistent detection zone)
  • Definable detection zone (controlling triggering to the immediate environment)
  • Does not make use of Radio Frequency technology (not subject to interference)
  • Indoor and outdoor functionality (suitable to most environments)
  • Modular design for easy installation (low cost, low impact)

How it Operates

Our Sweepscan technology is the remote detection of a coded infrared signal from a transmitter attached to a forklift or other vehicle. The signal sensor, called a receiver, has an accurately adjustable range and a wide detection zone which is easily configured for specific applications. The transmitter is designed for the majority of forklifts and warehouse vehicles, and works to transmit the invisible signal 360 around the vehicle ensuring it will be detected, regardless of its orientation or direction relative to the receiver.

First for Forklift Safety

Using Wickhams forklift alert system, your warehouse will remain safe for both operators and pedestrians. OH&S standards can be improved through earlier and more visible notification to pedestrians of approaching vehicles.

This system improves pedestrian, warehouse safety and forklift safety by providing:

  • supplementary, early driver warnings around blind corners, doorways, etc
  • visible warning systems to overcome problems associated with noisy factories
  • predictable range and coverage through an extended chained receiver system
  • line of sight characteristics of infrared
  • straightforward and easy to install
  • modular components for future expansion

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